Story of a Girl

Leah Lehman is finding her way through young womanhood. As she negotiates new relationships and responsibilities, she navigates the paths of a new campus and of her own heart.

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My parents would not approve of my life here. What college means to me is: meeting people, having fun partying and of course school work got to go to class because everybody needs a degree now. Before college I was really quiet and I really didn’t talk to anyone outside my group of friends. Partying on the weekends with lots of alcohol does make me more outgoing. I will talk to everyone if I have alcohol in me. It makes me more friendly than just outgoing.


I have a feeling that when I met Leah there was shit tons of alcohol involved. I made a drunken decision…and… I was an asshole to Leah probably because I lead her on, told her drunken lies. I really didn’t want to do anything with her; I didn’t wanna like have sex with her or anything. I tried to be nice, I did. That was my attempted but it didn’t work out.


What I think about man in general are that they are all liars and assholes; all of them. I have never met a decent guy. Why do I think all man are assholes? Let me tell you about the last date I went on. So he shows up he was 45 min late. We were talking and it was really, really great conversation like really easy. Then he is like: oh, my ex-girlfriend, blah, blah, blah. Starts talking about his ex-girlfriend and then she shows-up. I felt very occurred. I had no idea what was going on and after I found out that she was still his girlfriend. So he was just using me because he wanted her to prove that she still loved him.

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You guys are really shacking hands. Yeah it’s a pretty intensive moment.


Hey! What’s up? I apologies I’m really drunk. Where did Andy go?

Hmm… inside.


I met Leah at Dusty’s one night when I was drunk and actually the night I met her I lost my virginity to her. I saw her outside crying actually and I was like what’s wrong. And she said: no one will go home with me. So.. I went home with her.


When I met Andy I was trying to get someone to go home with me. So… I faked cried.


After we had sex we are still pretty good friends actually. She was really casual about it witch makes is a lot easier. Most people are way to occur. She’s like it’s just water under the bridge.


Afterwards he is one of my best guy friends. He is a really good friend and he is always there for you. Andy was my second “V”-card I took. So… it’s exciting that somebody would pick you to loose their virginity to. It’s just kind of like a compliment.

These experiences they’ve kind of shaped me to be more in control of myself and not fall so hard and fast for people. That’s the only lesson really. I have not given up on men. There is the tiniest bit of hope that there is one decent man outhere, but is fading fast…

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Story of a Girl