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Anne Scott and John McCarthy decided to do a home birth for their second child. Working with a certified nurse-midwife, this is the story of the birth of their new son.

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My name is Anne Scott, and my birth choice is to have a homebirth. I am currently at 37 weeks, six days pregnant.


It's listening to baby Tait. Can you hear him, Cael? Flashing light says baby Tait's heart is strong and healthy.


My name is Delphine Silvermoon, and my profession is certified nurse-midwife, specializing in home birth. Some of the benefits are privacy and intimacy in your own home. You have control over who comes and goes. You don't have a plethora of strangers coming in and out of your birth experience, which is a very private, intimate thing.

What I've seen over the last 30 years is when people become dissatisfied with what's going on in obstetrics, in the hospital, they start seeking alternatives, and that's when you see more home births.

Well, many people will say, "Well what if something goes wrong?" Well, midwives know what to do if something goes wrong. We know how to prevent things from going wrong. We know how not to meddle with the normal process and create problems.


As opposed to what the O.B. experience was with my son, Cael, I remember being in the hospital, or, in the clinic, 15 minutes talking to the doctor briefly. In and out. And it's been nice because it let's me establish a better connection, I think, and an openness that I just didn't have with the other O.B.'s.

And it'll just be nice. It's nice to be at home. It's nice to labor in my space. My home, my bed. Whenever the baby decides to come is when the baby decides to come.

I had a great birth experience, and I think that everything I had anticipated came about. I feel that I'm more empowered by having a home birth. We are now a family of four. Our youngest member, our newest member, is Tait, Tait Stephen. He was born early in the morning on October 28th at four-thirty-eight a.m.

I appreciate, uh, the fact that the midwives came here, and that the care that I received, which is exactly the same that I received- would have received in the hospital- was just done in my space. And so there are so many levels of comfort that came about from just having a home birth.

Please don't take my sweet Tait away. Come on little man, don't fall asleep on me.



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