Not Accepting Failure

The Athens Alternative Education Program is a sanctuary for troubled youth who have had a difficult time adjusting to the mainstream educational system.

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This one's mean, right here.

Jenna McCoy

I love that he takes us outside into the greenhouse and lets us work with plants.

When you're at the high school, you don't get that opportunity to work with plants and go outside and feed pigeons and water stuff and dig. You don't get that opportunity like you do at alternative school.

(Teaching) An acre is 200 feet by 200 feet. Here's how you do it.

Dwight 'Butch' Mitchell

I teach concepts. I tell my students, I say I'm going to show you where I can get the information. There are certain concepts that open up a lot of knowledge.

(Teaching) So, I need to go a hundred paces and that's 200 feet and make a 90 degree turn.

Zach Oden

It's five minutes of lesson and lets get out there and get our hands dirty and I think the kids understand Butch, I think they understand that he actually cares.

(Bird Noise)

George Vernon

student--He teaches us a lot, I mean we learn a lot from him. Before he does any of the hands on stuff he actually sits there and he talks it through and tries to get you to understand it as best he can before he actually tries to get you to do it.

(Teaching) Lime is fairly cheap, so along with the manure we've put on there and we'll make more of the nutrients that are tied up in the clay available.


What I'm doing is channeling them through an actual career pathway. I want them to recognize that they can learn and they can achieve and they can have their own dreams and aspirations and they can accomplish them. Not accepting that they're going to be a failure or they're going to be in the criminal sector of society, or they're going to die at the hands of the drugs that some of them consume.

(Talking to students) You're going to be graduating this year, what are you going to do next year? Where are you going to be when I see you?

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Not Accepting Failure