For Better or for Worse

Bernard and Mary Triplet, a couple of 62 years, live with the realities that come with the onset of Mary's Alzheimer's Disease. Bernard, 85, is her primary care giver.

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{Hymn Jesus Loves Me}

Bernard Triplet:

Well she has problems remembering. That's what goes along with her disease you know…

I was released from the Navy in January 19th, 1946. I got home and go to see Mary, I call her Bridget. She was in school, her senior year. And I thought well now, that's the girl I want. {laughs}

Bernard ambient:

Hold onto this handle.

If there isn't anyone here to watch her I have to help up in the truck, help her out and back to the house.

Mary ambient:

Come on sunshine, where you go, where ever it is…. I can feel it now.


It's Alzheimer's. It seemed like it just gradually, you know, got worse.

Mary ambient:

It's not very far is it?


She helps herself a lot than what she did to start with. And of course I let her do that for therapy, you know, and hoping that I won't have to just watch her every minute.

Mary ambient:

Well it's cold if you come in the house you come in as soon as you can.


My patience - I don't have the patience I used to. I know that. If I say something and then she don't seem to understand and then I finally maybe raise my voice which I know I should do that but….

Ambient water running.

Mary ambient:



Combing her hair. I don't - I don't really know how to dress her hair like a lady would. I just have to know that I have to help her look out for her, you know… yep.

Ambient leaves rustling.


I ask the Lord to help us, you know, I just want to do what ever I can to please the Lord. I pray for people.

Ambient preacher giving anointment.


I don't want her in a home. If - she's got a home here, if I can't take care of her then that's what I plan to do.

She's put up with me, she's put up with the many things I've done wrong, which I'm sorry for… she's put up with that.

So it's - it's - it's confining having to take care of her but… I love her so I take care of her that's my job for better or for worse, you know, when your married. I do the best I can I guess.

Ambient Mary


I love you a bushel and a peck

a bushel and a peck

what was that around my face.

I can't - I'm so sorry

I can't remember.



For Better or for Worse