Off the Grid

Hidden in the Southeast Ohio hills, idealists young and old try to realize a fantasy many dream of, pushing back against our ever-increasing reliance on technology.

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Sasha Sigetic:

She said “OH, I wouldn’t charge you anything to stay in that house,” and I can understand why. But, it was free. We got to stay here and save up money to pay for the yurt. A yurt originally came from Mongolia. Basically, it’s a pretty simple lattice wall that is collapsible, which is why it’s so mobile. There’s a tension wire around the top that secures to the door frame in the front. All of the rafters secure to the tension wire with a dome at the top which was traditionally the fire hole. It’ll be more permanent eventually but it still leaves a really small footprint. I wanted something warm and wood and inviting.

Ross and Kurt have done an amazing job figuring out this spring.- we’ll have running water pretty soon. It’s an exciting thing.

There are sometimes six of us that live in the house. There’s Ross and Kurt and I that stay there all the time and Lara and Ludwig who sometimes stay in town and sometimes stay in the country.

I’m really excited to be a parent. It’s a lot of work but it’s what I was expecting. We’re both very excited to teach her things that we are just not learning later on in life- about plants and animals and living on land and raising your own food. Stuff that we really wish we would have grown up with. Yeah, we’re really looking forward to that. She’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen too, which is good because even when she cries it’s like “What can I do to help this little being and how can I comfort her and just help her grow?”

We definitely try to incorporate growing our own food and animals as best as we can, in addition to gathering things that are naturally found. We’d like to put in some serious vegetable gardens as well.

I know that here are people of like mind that are doing this- I guess people that are willing to leave less of a footprint in their relationship with nature, and their relationship to the land that they live on. People that are willing to give up a few luxuries to co-habitat a little less aggressively, I would say.



Off the Grid