The Green Spark

Paul Strauss, an herbalist and organic farmer, has dedicated his life to preserving the rich biodiversity of Southeast Ohio, passing on what he calls "the green spark."

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Paul Strauss:

When I found the farm, I found basically a massive amount of work and a lot of education that I needed. I knew I wanted to protect land - believe me I wasn't thinking that I wanted to protect land, have a big community around here. It just worked out that way. It just happened like that.

Even though I've had a lot of mentors and teachers, i've never had a teacher like the land.

Rebecca Wood:

Because the plants are here, we're here. The vibration is just different when you get to be in the country when you get to be in and around plants. Its like a coming home and I think a lot of people feel that when they come to this property. When they spend a weekend out here and just start wondering through the forest and let go of some of there fears all of a sudden they get this sense of awe, this sense of relaxation and sense of ability to be a part of something big and take care of yourself. Plants are here for us to be healthy and well and to smell good and feel good.

Paul Strauss:

I've seen herbalists fall on there knees and cry in the golden seal patch because they never knew goldenseal existed in that population. This area is recognized for the herbs now, how cool is that? Most people know nothing about Meigs County unless they know about coal or marijuana but in the reality is is that our largest resource is our herbs and our forests and not logging the forests.

That happened because it drew so many people to this area to take classes with me, take classes with other herbalists that came here. Its just a great story to have a southern Ohio county that had so little in terms of protectionism, alternativism and now to have a lot.

That's probably my most valuable role to the planet is the passing on of the energy that there is a different way to live. That's the green spark and that's kinda what I've been passing on. You can do this, if this is what you want.



The Green Spark